"Following an investigation by the Economic Crime Unit, where several high-value cars were stolen from car-finance companies, 10 properties have been raided by police where seven men were arrested along with the seizure of £40,000."

A 38 year-old man was detained by police on suspicion of stealing high-value vehicles, whilst a 34 year-old was also taken into custody on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud. The five other suspects are held in relation to immigration charges.

The search was undertaken by Greater Manchester Police Officers in Oldham and Ashton-under-Lyne on August 26 as part of an operation to tackle organised crime. The ECU has been investigating a series of sophisticated frauds which have seen multiple high-value vehicles stolen.

According to the Detective Constable of Greater Manchester Police, by using fraudulent documents and identity theft, criminals have been able to steal high value vehicles.

Source: Manchester Evening News

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    APU working with the NCA, Navcis and Interpol helped take down a highly organised crime ring operating from London.

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