"Criminals stealing cars as part of the cyber crime wave which is spreading across the UK, have reached Cambridge."

The announcement by Cambridge police comes in order to highlight the risk to commuters after a sudden increase in cyber gangs' activity and the amount of vehicles stolen.

According to The Cambridge News, a spokesperson from Cambridge police has warned those who own keyless vehicles, particularly Fords, to take further security measures "as a matter of urgency".

Shockingly, there is compelling evidence that the cyber hackers account for one in three of thefts of keyless cars.

Cyber gangs from Cambridge tend to favour the device known as a 'jammer'. Using this technique, the thieves block the signal sent from a key fob to vehicles, meaning owners are oblivious to the fact their car remains unlocked. At this point, the thieves are able to invade the car and drive away.

Source: Insurance times

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